9 Important Online Dating Tips For Women

September 15, 2015

Find the best online dating tips for women to find a loving guy. These tips can help you from setting up a profile on dating website to meeting him in real.

Online Dating Tips

At this time we use the Internet for everything, to inform, buy, fun and of course to find a partner who will become the love of our lives. But the web is like a vast ocean and to get the best fish you should know about some tips.

Some online dating portals have over 60 million users worldwide. Since it has become such an important part for finding love, here are the keys to start your search right now and find a loving partner.

The online dating or dating via the internet is a game that has its own rules. Following these tips increases the chances of finding someone special. Here are the nine important online dating tips for women to succeed in the online romance and find a good partner.

Create an interesting profile

Take your time to build your profile and this is one of the most important dating tips for women. In this profile describe your strengths, your passions, hobbies and what characterizes you. It is important that you have already decided what type of guy you are looking for and clearly mention this in your description. Don’t think twice, just enter the details about some conditions about the guy you want, like he should be above or lower certain age, should have true profile picture, should not be divorced etc. It should be totally your decision of making some rules for the guys before they approach you. We will come to the your profile picture later, but for now your profile is very much ready.

Post a recent photo.

The first impression is what counts. Find a picture that is current and flattering and real. Do not alter your images with photoshop or show yourself in situations that have nothing to do with your life. We suggests that you keep an image clicked while doing some activities you enjoy like traveling, playing sports or in contact with nature.

Many men and women in surveys have complained that some of them cheat by altering their pictures or posting a very old pic of them. Post real and cool image plus mention in your description that the picture of the guy should be real and updated and before meeting him, have a skype chat to confirm.

Be nice

One of the most common complaints that guys usually make is that, women are unfriendly and they do not understand why. You're goal visiting an online dating website it is to meet someone, so it makes no sense to pretend you're above all others and that you could find a boyfriend on the street just snap your fingers. That attitude is inconsistent and not working. And it's not sexy unless you want to attract a female addict difficult man. If you think some guys seems interesting then have friendly talks with them to make clear that you are looking for a serious relationship.

Be proactive

After building your profile you should not keep hoping to get in touch with one. Search profiles, answer messages and chat. You have to browse, search and be active. Interact and communicate with others until you find someone appealing. If you like a guy then don’t shy, write something by introducing yourself. Do not think that he will feel you are desperate. If someone you contacts and you think he is the one you should give a chance then respond immediately. This is to interact and take the opportunity.

Anyway, keep a little mystery in your exchanges. Never tell everything about you before meeting in person or get entangled with endless conversation or emails. It is exciting when he is interested and want to know more about you. You must also protect your privacy to really know who you're dealing with.

Trust your intuition

When a woman joins a site quickly she will receive many messages and chat invitations. But that does not mean that all men are your type and looking for a serious relationship. Although you flatter with your attentions and gallant words, you better not waste time (yours and his) chatting with them when you know its not going to get anywhere. Get out of your comfort zone and dare to find someone you really like. However, if his conversation does not convince you with the description of their profile or he seems to be a bad guy then continue your search. There are many more fish in the sea and a proper search will help you find the best one.

Be honest

It is much better to be honest and get a guy who will love you and not who you pretend to be like. Remember that no one likes to start a relationship with dishonesty. It is important that you tell him in advance if you are divorced, if you have kids or any other problems that can affect the relationship in future. Finally also ask him about any information he would like to provide that can cause problems later.

Meet him in person

Do not ever believe online relationships until you meet the guy in person several times. Virtual relationships feed the fantasies and they can lead you to believe that you've found the love of your life and that's dangerous. Internet serves to make contact with someone, but the next step is to meet in person.

Before an appointment, interact on the web. Chatting, exchanging mails or via Webcam, you'll know more about that person. These previous tests will serve you to know whether it is worthwhile or not to organize a way out on a date.

The first date

Choose a public place, instead of his house or a lonely area. You must decide the venue of meeting and this is amongst the most important online dating tips for women. For example, it is best to go for a coffee. Why? The idea is that coffee can be as long as you want. If you like the person you met, you can ask for another and another and another cup. If you do not like him the date ends once the first cup is over. But if you go to a dinner and there is no chemistry, you have to wait until dessert.

Do not be demoralized

If you send someone a "hello" and if he does not responds then never give more importance to it. If someone does not want to get in touch with you or does not agree to meet you in person, do not take it as a failure or rejection. Maybe he is hiding something or not serious about relationships. Keep looking for other people and do not expect to find the love of your life within two minutes of registering on a dating wesite, it takes time.

Additional online dating tips for women

  1. Use an aspirational language that invites you to share your life with a guy that will take care of you. For example, "I would travel to ..." or "my greatest aspiration in life is ...".
  2. Describe briefly without going into detail. You can lie about some minor physical aspects, but never on the obvious (weight, age).
  3. Be fresh and spontaneous. Try to seem fun for not giving the impression that you take the matchmaking as something very serious.
  4. Never write tons of information about your career or university where you studied. 500 words are sufficient. Do not talk much of your career as it is a profile for dating, not working.
  5. Put 3 to 6 photos. This will give the guys feeling that you are real. This will get more guys to approach you.
  6. Be bold and initiate contact with them whenever you want and do it informally, with a short, spontaneous message ("Hello, how are you"). Do not use phrases like "Hi, I read your profile and I am interested in knowing more about you."
  7. Do not play hard to get. If someone writes you and you feel he can be a good match, responds immediately. Online dating is not to last forever.
  8. Do not go into details. Talk about your hobbies and activities, but omit those very specialized or extravagant that can generate prejudices about you. Just say you like movies, sports or art.
  9. Do not make jokes. Sound fresh and fun, but do not try to be funny or fill your profile with emoticons. It does not sound convincing and natural.
  10. It is logical and normal to feel anxious about finding that special person. But if it does not work, do not be discouraged. Think as if it was a trial error. Online dating is a matter of searching and testing.

So these were some important and best online dating tips for women which will help them get the perfect match. Note that never go to meet any person at their house or any place where there are not many people. When you find someone interesting online and he is willing to meet you then go to some where there are people around because personal security is very important.

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