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7 Signs your Ex Still Loves You

Do you have a doubt that your ex still has feelings for you? Check these tips to get sure signs your ex still loves you, misses you and wants you back.

signs your ex still loves you

Thinking of getting back together with your ex or just want to find out if your ex has moved on or still loves you. For whatever other reasons you want to know about your ex’s feeling towards you then we have got you covered. Just read the article and you will be able to pinpoint the signs your ex is still in loves you or not. We know that break-ups are really messy, but the first week after the break-up is really tough. During that time we are really confused about the relationship on whether you should have broke up.

It was just a spur of the moment kind thing, but still take some days after your break-up to consider whether you want to get back together or you want out of the relationship. But once you are sure about what you want you should go ahead and talk it over. After the break up if you are not sure what your ex wants then look for the sign in his behavior like how they acts around you. Here are the signs to show you if your ex still loves you.

Push and Pull

Does your ex calls or text you repeatedly for couple of days and then when you start calling back they ignore your text and call and try to shut you down. This sudden mood change is what we call push and pull feelings or in other words your ex have mixed feelings towards you. This may be one of the signs your ex still loves you. If you are doing the same then you too have mixed feeling towards them. Push and Pull happens when a person is confused whether they broke up for the right reason or was it just spur of the moment kind thing.

If your ex is displaying these kind of feelings then you should be careful and wait it out to see if they still feel the same way after couple of days or even weeks at times. And if you are not sure how you feel about this then make it clear to your ex that you need some time to consider it. Take a day or two to rectify your situation and if you need then ask for help as help is always there if you need it maybe in the form of a friend or family. Please do not get mixed up in push and pull yourself as you might hurt your ex or you might even get hurt yourself.

Rubbing it in

If you broke up a while ago and instantly your ex has started dating someone new who don’t seem to be their type but they are still hanging out with them. You see them everywhere you go then maybe your ex is trying to make you jealous by rubbing it in your face. Sometime this happens when you had a nasty break up or your ex is a douche then they might try to make you jealous to get a reaction out of you anyhow.

And if this does happens to you then you might like to try some calming exercises like breathing slowly or some other thing which works for you. When nothing works and you want to punch your ex in the face then try to remember that they are doing this because they still have feelings for you. He/she is acting like brainless child because they don’t know how to deal with their feelings and if you do feel jealous a lot then you might even have to consider your own feelings regarding the matter.

Drink and Dial

This is among the common signs your ex loves you and misses you a lot. This does happens when you or your ex have some unresolved feeling towards you. So, when your ex get drunk all they remember are the things that happened between you two and how nasty was the break up. So, they drunk dial you and share everything with you which they normally wouldn’t. But never take what they say or do seriously because they are drunk. Just try to help them and don’t say anything serious or share your feelings with them as you don’t know what they might or might not remember the next morning. You don’t want to regret saying some stuff you didn’t really mean. Drunk dial is another way of your ex showing that they still have feelings for you as they are thinking about you when they are drunk.

Kept In Touch

Kept in touch is another sign which tells you about your ex and their feeling towards you. In this you have to notice the signs showing that your ex has still kept in touch with your friends and family. If he/she still asks about you or talks about you all the time which you will hear from your friends and family. And secondly your ex might even consider talking directly to you even when you both agreed to have no contact with each other after the break up. Still they are trying to get in touch with you says a lot about how they feel about you.

Physical Touch

If it’s been a while since you break up or you two are in a situation where you two have to be in close proximity of each other. For example at work or school or something of the kind where you two have to meet and talk to each other daily then look out for this kind of signs. Physical touch is one of the signs which kind of becomes habit when two people are dating. However, when they break up then this gets awkward for a while. After it’s been a while and still your ex touches you on your hand or on some normal places then this too can be considered as a sign of attraction or say it is a sign still your ex loves you or have feelings towards you.

You see this physical contact is kind of a habit which is tough to get rid of even after break up especially when you two see each other every day. So it can either be nothing or it can be something so look out. If they try to pull back when they are touching then that means that they are consciously stopping themselves from violating your space and hence they don’t have feelings for you. But if they are comfortable touching you or enter your personal space then they feel comfortable around you. This may be a sign that they still have some feelings for you because no one is really comfortable with the person they recently broke up with.

Emotional Aspect

When you break up there are some emotional aspects to be considered like crying for one or maybe sometimes feeling of freedom after you have been in a bad relationship. No matter how hard you try to make a relationship work it takes toll on you. When break up happens it has its own emotional aspects along with it some of which are anger, fear, self pity and much more. You have to look out for these because sometimes when you are going through these phases you come across some memories.

During that time, if you meet with your ex then every little thing that they do may appear as a sign that they want to get back together even if that is not the case. So if you don’t want to embarrass yourself then be patient and let them be the one to speak up first. If you have thought it through and come to a decision on whether or not you want to get back together with your ex then be sure to make it clear to your ex about your decision. This should only be done face to face rather than some text or on phone.

But remember once you have made the decision and talked it through with your friends and family then don’t let your ex change your mind. Don’t you dare change your mind because then it gets too confusing for you as well as for them which leads to the push and pull phase which is not good for either of you.

Body Language

Yes, body language is the best sign to know if your ex still loves you or not. Even though they are best at hiding their feelings from you and tell you that they are over you their body language will betray them and tell the truth about how they really feel. So, here are few things you might want to look out for when looking at body language of your ex. First, see how they react when they first set their eyes on you entering the room, like say if they cringe than they are annoyed or they don’t like you but they feel excited or happy or are staring at you.

Second, when you two are in close proximity or should I say standing near each other, notice if they are bending towards you or away from you. When a person likes someone they tend to get close as much as possible. And lastly, see if they make physical contact given the chance or if they hesitate because if they do than they are definitely into you because you don’t miss an opportunity to touch someone you feel deeply about.


All things considered, you have a decision to make because even if your ex does like you then now you have to know if you want them back. So, once you know the signs your ex still loves your and that your ex still have feelings for you then you may want to take some time to check your own feeling. If you trying so hard to know about your ex feeling tells that this curiosity maybe because you also have feelings for him/her. If the answer is yes you too have feelings for them then you can give it a second chance and see where it leads. If you don’t like but was just trying to get to know their feeling than that’s cool too.

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