15 Steps for Proposing a Girl in High School

July 2, 2017

Follow these steps for proposing to a girl in high school or college and make her say yes. These tips will help to make her accept your love proposal and be your girlfriend.

Everyone goes through this process at least once in their lifetime and it’s perfectly normal. The thing is that it happens so fast that it ends up confusing some people. Some are scared to broach the subject even with their friends. The truth is, as you get older there comes a time when you will start noticing girls and want one as a romantic partner. However, all this happens so quickly that most of the boys in school don’t actually know how to approach and then propose a girl. So, here we have some steps and pointers to help you understand and learn about proposing to a girl in high school and make her say yes.

Make an Approach

Making an approach for the first time is nerve wrecking. The problem is if you do it correctly then it can be easy as a pie, but most guys don’t really know how to go about it. There are some stages you need to go through before you officially make an approach for proposing a girl in high school. Here are the steps or shall I say an approach for the approach.

First step without which nothing would be possible is to get noticed. Think about it, if she doesn’t even know you exist then how would she accept your proposal. No, I am not asking you to do stupid stuff like TP her house or her locker or anything like that. There are other ways to get noticed you know. The things that may work are, you participating in activities that she is part of or getting commended by fellow classmates or a teacher. Remember you just want her to know that you exist right now and you are not trying to impress her or anything, yet. Although the best way would talking to her directly as this way she would know you exist. This way you may leave an impression on her as well.

Stay Calm and Confident

Staying calm and confident is the most important step before and after you get noticed. Keep in mind that there is a good way and a bad way to get noticed and no one wants to be remembered for the bad one.

  • Staying Calm: Let’s say a girl noticed you and even talked with you, than what do you do? Most guys in this instant are so naïve that that they will do anything or say anything just to continue talking. That’s where you actually lose the girl, when you get desperate. However, instead of appearing desperate if you appeared all together then the girl will enjoy talking to you. This ultimately will get you the chance to talk to her as much as you want. So, for now just stay calm and pull yourself together.
  • Self Confidence: It is the core for what you are trying to achieve. The truth is, if you don’t like or if you are not comfortable with yourself then why would others be. I understand that currently you are a teenager, but this is the best time to build up your confidence.

Tips to build confidence

The best way to build up confidence is to start with small things like dressing good, smelling good, having proper hairstyle and things like that. This way if you know you look good then you get confidence in your looks and it shows. Your confidence levels must be high when proposing a girl in high school, but with a touch of shyness or blushing. Basically you have to build up just enough confidence doing small things that you can do the big things when it’s time. I do understand that you are a teenager so getting confidence even in small things might be tough in the beginning. So for those times just remember this phrase “Fake it till you make it”. Yes, you assumed right, I am asking you to fake confidence till you actually are confident about yourself.

Make Acquaintance

This is the step in which you two are supposed to get to know each other. Now, this entire step can be done along with the exchange greetings step. You can just skip exchanging numbers with a clear message by asking her out on a date. However, that’s what you will learn later when you get older and start picking up girls in clubs and other places. For now, it is best to take a long way which is as follows.

Run-In Chats

Now that you two have been introduced, it’s time to have some run in chats or as I say cheat chats. This is where you use any reason like your friends or your school or your homework or stuff just to talk to her. Run in chats are the best way to get to know about her. Its one of the best ways to speed up the process is the find your common interest and talk about them with her. This way she would love talking to you as it’s her favorite topics and you will have fun as well.

Group Hangouts

Another great way to socialize with her is to invite her for group outing or get invited by her. The best thing about group hangouts is that there is no pressure. This way she would feel comfortable as there are people around her. Group Hangouts also helps her to open up a bit as well and it doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable or pressured to go on a date with you. This step must be especially followed when the girl is too shy.

Casual Flirting

Flirting is the best in the attraction game. I always say flirting is good for health because it makes you laugh and that is the best medicine. But don’t just flirt with her only, instead be a flirt and flirt with everybody be it her or the girl beside her. This way she will know that you are a flirt and this helps to boost your confidence as well.

Exchange Numbers

Once you have been flirting with each other then it’s best to exchange number so the conversation never stops between you two. This does two things for you, first it lets her know that you are interested and if she gives her number then you know she is too. Secondly, it also gives you an opportunity to talk to her anytime you feel like it.

Final steps for proposing a girl in high school

Now you two have been flirting for a while and also have exchanged number, so I think it’s time to start getting serious. The thing is you don’t want to wait too long that you end up in the friend zone and that’s the whole reason why you started flirting with her in the first place. So, if you are still sure that you want her then you need to follow the steps given below.

Constant Chatting

There are two basic rules of chatting. First is to keep it fun and second is to keep it short. So, according to the first one you should flirt all you want. Develop an inside joke and create cute names for her or anything to make it fun. However, the second rule says to keep in short which basically means to leave on a high note. This way when leave on a high note she keeps thinking about you long after the conversation. Secondly, she would love to chat with you again and as soon as possible.

Leaving Hints

If flirting was not good enough hint for her then it’s time to leave some subtle hints for her. So, start doing some romantic stuff for her, but with a friendly attitude. This way she gets confused about if you like her or not and it leaves perfect opportunity for you to tip the scale on whether she likes it or not.

Propose to your girlfriend for the first time

Enough with beating around the bushes and leaving hints, I say, it’s time to just go for it. Just gather up enough courage before proposing to a girl in high school and actually ask her out. However, always remember to plan beforehand about what you are trying to say and make it clear for her as well. Remember to not say it in front of everyone. Just before proposing her, leave the last hint that you are about to propose her. Now, take her aside and just express your feelings to the girl.

Life Goes On

In any case where two people are involved let it be love or anything else, heartbreak is always a possibility. Keeping this in mind you must also remember that life goes on and there are plenty of other girls. So, don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t turn out the way you planned. Instead get back up and start living because life goes on.

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