8 Texting Mistakes Guys Make

January 12, 2016

Please find some of the most common texting mistakes guys make to attract girls over texts and WhatsApp. Avoid these mistakes to be successful in the texting game.

Texting Mistakes Guys Make

It does not take an Einstein to know that sending vulgar photos to women will not be liked, but women hate other texts and images. And yes, you are guilty because you have sent it. The biggest problem is that you cannot read emotions in a text message. You can give many turns to believe that you have sent something witty or funny, and she understands otherwise. Hence, texts can either work in your way or destroy your chances to date that girl. To help you with texting, here are the texting mistakes guys make while having a conversation with a woman over the phone.

Wrong conversation starters

You think you're suggestive, but she finds it boring. Never send an empty message content, a text that requires the person receiving it to do all the job. The first starter message should be the most powerful one where you leave your precise intentions, and at the same time, the woman is not able to ignore it. Often, guys can get a girl's number, but when they send their first text, they get no reply. This is because will a text like "Hey or Hello," your first message becomes boring. Even if she has known you for a while, your conversation starters should be interesting. Try something like: "Hey, I came to know that you like trekking, really??" or "Really bored at home. Let's play the game Simon says...". If you are OK with flirting, then use this "After finishing our date tomorrow, what would you want me to do next?". Texts should be a little flirty, and you must show your interest in girls. Chatting usually every day will get you in her friend zone.

Spelling mistakes in text

A recent survey with women shared that guys' spelling mistakes while texting is one of the least favorite things. The results from surveys are significant to understanding what women like and want from men. This is a common texting mistake that guys make and now, since you know it is disliked, start typing words correctly. Spelling mistakes sometimes make the sentence difficult to understand, and thus it may be a turnoff. Some examples of this are "I am gr8" and "what r u doing???"

Don’t use just emojis to reply "☺"

Emoticons are a funny, ironic, and accessible resource but should be used along with a sentence. If a woman takes the lead to tell you: "I had a great time tonight," a smiling face will only show that you are not interested in the conversation. The same goes for "LOL!" or "Haha, good!" which does not count as answers. We are not asking for a novel or Bible verse, only give a complete sentence and include any emoji. If she says, she had fun, answer, "I also had a great time. Thanks for coming with me." Or if she sends you a funny link, send a text to show that you have read it as: "Very funny! It's a hoot. Replying to a sentence with a smiley face is what will make your texts perfect.

Not being the decision maker

This is fine if you are into five years of relationship. But in the early stages of a relationship or when you are trying to impress her, you need to take charge or at least offer a suggestion or two. Women want a guy who will invite them to an adventure, not someone waiting for them to make a decision. So your text should be like "Let's go to a movie" or "I know girls like shopping, let's go together this Sunday." She may either say 'yes' or 'no,' but she won't feel about you as a loser guy who can't make his decisions.

Writing long texts

Sending a long text is also one of the most done texting mistakes guys make. Long texts are a turnoff for women, and sometimes such long texts also show that you are too desperate to talk to her. Although sometimes you may require writing something long, if you regularly do it, stop now. Such long texts will make the girl feel bored. It would help if you avoided such mass texting. It would help if you also took care that you are letting her speak equally.

Over complimenting

Texting Mistakes by men

Everyone knows that women like to be complimented, but if you are to act too sweet and to flatter her with compliments, then it won't work. Unfortunately, overinflating is also a prevalent texting mistake guys make. With this, you are looking out to be the guy with low value and desperate. So make sure that you don't take this wrong track to impress a girl.

Not being mysterious

Do not feel obligated to answer every text. Please do it occasionally as probably the other person will think you're busy or not so urged. So do it occasionally and reply to whatever she has texted you. Also, women like secrets very much. For example, suppose a woman you are trying to impress ever asks you about your girlfriends. In that case, it is better that you send a text "It is a secret, I will share with you later in an exchange of one of your secrets" Well, this is just an example, but try to hold few things and let her know after she reveals a few of her secrets. In this way, you both will not only know each other well, but it will also make you both come closer.

Sending the texts incorrectly

This tip is mainly for people who are already in a relationship. For example, when your girlfriend plans for tonight, and you already have a plan with your friends, then instead of texting "I am going with my friends tonight," you must text something that makes her feel that she is not after your friends. You can make her feel special by including "y, I am going out with friends tonight, but in I'I'lle thinking of you all the time. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow"."In this way, she will know that you will be thinking of her and have something to wait for with interest.

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