12 Tips to Charm a Girl with Words

February 20, 2017

Find the best way to charm a girl you just met with words and body language. These tricks will help you attract the girl in school or at any random place.

charm a girl

Charisma is the ability to make someone admire or follow you. You may not know much about fashion, that you would never be hired as an advertising model, or that you do not have much culture or education, but it attracts people around you. It is not necessary to leave aside your identity to be someone with charisma. Here are some tips that will help you charm a girl and make her fall in love.

No one is born with charisma

Some things come to us determined by birth, and few things can be done with our genes. For example, charisma is something that you create and emanate, whether beautiful or not, even if it is necessary to work. Nothing worthwhile is easy; it takes time and confidence to master it. So, if you have already thought that some guys have born charisma, then it is false. These have learned to leave a charm on attract girls and thus attract them.

Take care of your health and look

No matter how much the publicity tells you otherwise, a healthy person is more attractive than a sick person. Apart from this, you must also wear clothes that make you look good. No, I don’t mean you should wear something expensive, clean and ironed clothes will do their work. However, in be charming, appearance is not the only requirement. The way one acts, how they speak, and how they perceive their surroundings helps charm a girl quickly.

Smell good

Related to the previous point, if you smell good, you will leave a better impression than if you stink of cigarettes, alcohol, sweat, or if you do not smell anything. You can use anything from cologne or perfume, deodorant, a good body soap, etc. Remember that a good smell can leave a very pleasurable sensation and give your women many unique feelings.

Have confidence in yourself

This is the most critical requirement to become a charismatic guy and charm a girl you like. A person with confidence is attractive. If you do not have faith, pretend to have it, and you will begin to really feel it. Whether in person-to-person communication, person to the group, or in front of an audience, having confidence (not being selfish or self-righteous) will make you appear more charming. With some practice, you will become confident enough to leave a memorable impression on others. Start practicing by approaching unknown girls. Here even if you fail, it is not a problem. So, go and develop and build some confidence as it is one of the most attractive qualities women find in men.

Be a positive person

Black clouds are in the lives of all people. As soon as they meet someone, they are those who start speaking all the evils that happen to them. A positive person will see the best in each person or situation and try to see things their way. No one likes to be around negative people as they make you unhappy. So, to leave your charm on a girl, you need to look happy and positive to her.

Smile when talking to her

It will sound obvious, but it can make a difference. Smiling makes you feel and look better. It helps in creating a positive impression subconsciously to women who see you smile. This will definitely not attract women towards you, but it will prevent them from running. With a smile, you make the girl feel optimistic, and it becomes easier for you to talk to her.

Master the art of conversation

Charismatic people know how to talk to other people and use their words wisely. They know how to start a conversation, how to direct it to where you want it to go, and how to make the people you talk with feel comfortable. If you're missing something (or everything), it's time to practice. It will be hard sometimes, but the result will be worth it. Once you master the how and what to speak with women, you will definitely attract lots of women. Here are some advanced tricks which might help you charm or turn on a girl with words easily.

Use body language

Expressing how you feel and what you think in various ways is a skill present in every charismatic person. 85% of the messages we send in a conversation are non-verbal and can emphasize what you mean. Standing like a soldier, a rigid person will look much less noticeable than one who, for example, smiles and looks into your eyes. By now, you may have understood that words alone are not effective in charming a girl. You need to also work on your body language to look attractive to girls. Read our guide on 10 body language signs that show that a girl likes you.

Show you are interested in her

No, I do not mean to resort to lying or cheating; a class of people with charisma use another technique. If you try to interest a person, sooner or later you will discover something interesting in them, which will make it easier to make them feel attractive. Try to know about their hobbies, work and what they like and soon you will be able to emotionally charm her.

Do not speak negative words

You can lose your charm when you speak bad things about other people in front of the girl. The girl might think that you will one day also talk negative things about her to others. So, avoid talking negative things or spreading rumors about people. And, if you know that a story is unfounded, or you detect a lie, then first clarify it.

Practice the technique of the mirror

It imitates the pose, energy, language, or tone to generate empathy and seem more charismatic. You do not have to agree with everything they say; just act like them to some extent. Check your facial expressions in the mirror, your body posture, and practice your words to charm a girl quickly. This mirror practicing tip will help you perfect the technique with which you will win the girl’s heart and make her fall in love with you.

Copy the positive

What do you like most about the person you most admire? Try to apply it in your daily life, and with trial and error, you will know if it is something you can use or if it is better to try something else. Ultimately, you've tried something new, and that's something charismatic people do regularly.

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