What Do Guys Like In Girls?

September 25, 2021

Find the most popular qualities and answer to what do guys like in girls? These things about women attract a man at both physical and psychological levels.

The research group composed of renowned international therapists, marriage counselor, a graduate in psychology, a psychotherapist or psychologist has finally answered the question: What do guys like in girls?

what do guys like in girls

Do you know what the details are when a guy looks when he sees a woman? There are many qualities and attributes of a liked woman, but girls don't know that a man notices those things. So if you are a woman, I will reveal what men look and enjoy the most that you probably did not know.

Forget the complex and make flaunt your natural side if you want to conquer a man. Surprised? A recent study has revealed that men prefer a natural and perfect body that is not always or most sexy or what attracts them. Instead, research conducted by a team of therapists has revealed the most unexpected aspects of women who attract males are the ones who are always smiling and happy.

These are some of the most common and some unheard qualities that guys like in a girl.

Happy girl

That is something that attracts girls, and the same way even attracts men. A woman who laughs more and can make others around her laugh is the girl that men want to get out more often and will surely see something else. Research had shown that guys had found those girls attractive who used to laugh or smile often. So it's time to be more joyful around guys to attract them.

Mind your makeup

Many women strive to be perfect after long hours of makeup—however, more and more men like clean and less makeup on the face. A study showed that men even hate kissing lips covered with gloss and heavy lipsticks. Makeup is essential for every woman, but try to keep it simple, and you should use heavy makeup for parties.


Do not be complex if you are a bit overweight; guys love the curves and figure drawing a girl's abdomen, as they consider an indispensable part of feminine beauty. Many men are not attracted to the top models who are too thin, but it depends on the guy as some may even like skinny girls. However, it has been proved that ancient men didn't like skinny girls because they were considered weak and psychologically; it's the same to date. So subconsciously, men prefer a girl with some curves.


Confidence is considered as an attraction signal by both guys and girls. A sure way of talking as well as body language improves the personality of a person. For some of the guys interviewed, according to them, a confident girl is a sexy girl. So if you shy around your guy, then this will be a turn-off for him. So keep smiling and often laugh when you are around your guy.

Natural Bodies

Some women feel unhappy with some parts of their body; some think their ass is not as firm as they should be, and others believe they have small breasts. However, this study shows that men prefer, once again, natural things over artificial ones. For example, according to therapists, some not very large breasts can be seen as a sign of youth and vitality.

Be a little different

If there is something men like is that a woman will surprise them. If you want to win points, then play to be a kind of a mysterious girl. Guys know you're unique; the best thing to do is prove it. You may have heard that many boys are saying that they like a girl because she is different. They are not separate, they are the same, but they treat their guy differently, unlike other girls. Try to laugh at his jokes, and this would be a good sign as the guy would feel that you are enjoying his company.

Be a little smart

An attractive and less intelligent girl called bimbo is liked until you are studying in high school. A guy does not expect you to be brilliant, but you should have a little common sense. Even if you look sexy, but people around consider you empty brains, this can be a problem. On the other hand, an average-looking girl with some confidence and smartness is liked by a man, and he is more likely to commit to a relationship with such a girl.
Research has found that guys found those girls sexy who wears glasses sometimes, for example, when reading or writing purpose because it makes them look intelligent.

Be difficult

That attracts guys when a woman is asserted and is not an easy girl. A man values this to an unimaginable degree. They think she is a different girl, and if it is so tricky, it is worthwhile. To be difficult, don't just leak your feelings, instead talk with him and a lot of guys around him to show him competition.

Tug of war

Attention is drawn to a girl who sometimes does not listen to men and sometimes is attentive. When they do not understand something, we show more interest so that he can understand. We love a girl who can play to seduce, and one of the game's basic rules is sometimes to pay less attention than you'd pay to generate a particular obsession with the boy. Nor should you be too extreme because you can make the man feel insulted.


When a girl smiles because of any guy's act, then it is an indescribable feeling. The smile is something guys like more than a body. Although they usually don't talk about the girl's smile within guys, it is something they love. A natural smile is a potent weapon of seduction that can get the man you want.

Good hygiene

Although having good hygiene will not attract him, but having lousy hygiene makes a huge difference. A girl with a horrible smell, unwashed face, improper hairstyle, poorly shaped eyebrows, etc., can be an alarming sign for him, and he will keep you as a friend and not more than that.

Ability to carry conversations

Men are usually attributed to football and cars as talking points. However, they have more in the head and like being with a wise woman who knows how to respond at all times. A woman who leaves us speechless impresses and manages to capture our attention. Try talking to a guy and know what he likes, research the trending topics on that subject so that you always have something to speak to him. Read our guide on how to flirt with a guy over text.


Something that takes us back is the view a woman is distrust and being too possessive. Therefore if you are a girl who acts in this way, he will be looking for alternatives for her. If he shares some secrets or shares some emotional experiences he had gone through, then keep it to yourself. If you can't, then warn him before that you are bad at keeping secrets. Breaking trust in any form can be a terrible sign.

Tell the truth

The truth may hurt, but it hurts to sense or know that someone is lying to you. It feels unpleasant to guys when they come to see the truth. If you lie on occasion and he catches you, this will be psychologically unattractive for him.


No man can regret this, but touches are a great way to make a man like you. Randomly touching his hands and brushing his shoulders when you walk together are powerful attraction signals he won't tell you.

Love children

This point does not work for very young guys, but for men in their mid and late twenties is a powerful sign of attraction. Do children receive you with open arms? Experts say that when a man sees a woman getting along with children transmits his subconscious will be a good mother, which is very likable for them.

The imperfections

It's something men like. So many say that they want to be with the perfect woman, but that is not what they want. Guys like a natural girl with her imperfections that make it even more beautiful and perfect. So the best thing you can do for a man is to love yourself as you are, which calls more attention.

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