How To Make A Guy Interested In You

August 12, 2015

These are the best ways to make a guy interested in you without being obvious. Text, facebook chat and flirt often to get more attention and interest from him.

There are certain recommendations based on male psychology to make him feel an irresistible attraction to you. Regardless of your current condition, you only require a set of skills that can be easily developed with practice. Do not ignore these recommendations if you want to catch the interest of your guy.

make a guy interested in you

Want to know how to grab the attention and make a guy interested in you? Use these tips to set a man fall in love with you and he will be doing wonders to get you. If he is your friend or an unknown guy, the first step is to make him notice you in a romantic way and then comes next steps to make him interested in a relationship with you. To make a guy to notice you is very simple if you understand how men think and how their psychology works.

Girls who look visual attractive with a confident body language will make him fall in love quickly. All you need is play with your senses and he will beg for your attention in no time. How to make a man to notice you at first? The next time you see the man you like, you should be discreet and hide your true intentions. Do not show obvious side that you like him or you will end up treated like a lovesick teenager. Instead, call your attention and make him want to talk to you. This will work great and will make him think in you like crazy.

To start, just use these ten simple tips to get him curious, conquer his mind and seduce. These tricks are so helpful that it can even make a guy interested in you without saying a word.

Dressing style

You know what looks best on you. Dress well and use your best outfit when you're around him. Do not wear revealing clothes unless you want that man interested only for sex, instead of a serious relationship. Look beautiful and use something that catches your attention. Do not worry, he will definitely notice a woman who dresses well. You can use a very light layer of makeup on your face, but remember not to abuse it.

A guy loves a girl’s fragrance. Choose some perfumes that smell good and make sure to get closer to him. For example, if he standing somewhere you can go near him and act as if you are talking on your phone. He will have no choice but to float in your scent and this will arouse his interest for you.

Captures his gaze

Occasionally, exchange glances with him quietly. Look at it and keep eye contact with him for a few seconds, and then avoid seeing for a while. He will watch to see if you're watching. Experts believe that eyes can be used as signal transmitter and is used as a seduction tool in ancient times.

Although it may seem overwhelming, but avoid looking very often, because he will realize that you like him. With a sweet smile on face look at him and when he sees you back look away. This will create a mystery about what’s going in your mind and he will be more interested in you to know it.

Show your best side

What do you like most about yourself? If you want to make a guy interested in you and to notice you, be sure to reveal your best side. If you are proud of your legs, stretch them before him. If you are proud of your breasts, stand right before him. Whatever you like about yourself, make sure I presume before their eyes. It may seem superficial, but when it comes to the attention of a man, you should give more importance to your personality and your feminine side.

Show him your friendly side

Men are attracted to the kindness of a woman. You may not know it, but evolution has made that men are attracted to this feature. No act of hateful or distantly just to show that you're the greatest woman in the office or school. Instead, be kind and friendly when you talk to anyone who comes near you. You'll be liked by everyone, and definitely able to win his interest and attention.

Be fun and happy when you're with him

Men cannot resist a fun, flirty and woman with a sweet smile. Spend time with your friends, do you look in the right places and enjoy fun activities. A man love a woman's laughter and it always gets their attention and interest. Have fun with your own friends when he is around and definitely he will be going to spend all your time watching you.

Compliments work

Usually, many women think that men do not pay much attention to compliments but they do. He would pretend as nothing when you say that looks handsome or point out that this shirt looks good on him or he look good when he smiles, but inside will be very good for your words.

Most women do not flatter men and this is a big mistake. It stands to reason that a man will be attracted by a woman who makes you feel good. Don’t say you are handsome, but simple compliments about the shirt, his smile, his muscles, intelligence, sense of humor etc.

The next time you talk with the man you love, praise him and see his positive reaction. Be honest with compliments; if you really like the guy, it will not be hard to find aspects of it that you love. Nor flatter all the time, as this can have the opposite effect to that intended. The key is to have balance and be honest with your feelings.

Normal touches

Physical contact to win a guy is a psychological reality that makes human contact, feel alive and come closer. When you touch someone it creates a physical link with him. Take the opportunity to touch him when you talk to him. This contact will make him want to have more contact with you. Touch him in a casual and unknowing manner and this is a subtle way to seduce a man without revealing what are your goals. Here some ways that you can create hard links with man subtly:

  1. Find an imaginary piece of some item stuck on his shirt or his face and help him remove it.
  2. Touches his shoulder or arm unknowing when they walking together.
  3. When laughing you can touch his hands.
  4. Playing any game together.
  5. If he become your good friend than you can tickle him and this way you can create a subtle physical contact.
  6. Selfies have become a very powerful tool to get closer to someone.

Physical contact helps increase male sexual level, gradually escaping you from the category of "just friends".

Spend time with men.

Enjoy hanging out with your male friends when he is around and if you do not like games and sports, just talk with handsome men. It will work the same way. If there is one thing you need to know about men, it is the fact that they are very jealous and extremely competitive. Every man wants to be the alpha male. If you call the attention of the men he knows, he'll definitely want to get your attention too. Dale jealousy discreetly and he will find a way to have a conversation with you. Don’t just hang with other also give time to him, otherwise he will lose his interest.

Get an excuse to talk to him.

Try to meet your guy as much as possible without making it too obvious. Meet with him from time to time and make it look like a coincidence.. See if he starts to do the same way for you. More meetings mean more time to talk and making this guy more interested. No need to invite him to leave immediately or ask someone you submit.

Wait and bump on their way when they are alone and when he approached, ask for help with something. The men love to help women in distress. You can ask a pen, help with your car, ask him to help carry something or just improvise something. Depending on the surrounding like office or college, ask for help accordingly. Do it casually, but always with a shy smile. In this way, you will achieve more attention from him.

The mirror technique

There is a simple truth that matters, if you want him to be interested in you. With this technique you are attracting him subconsciously. For that reason, if you imitate certain movements or postures that man do when you're talking to him, you managed to get his attention.

For example, if he touches his hair, touch your hair seconds after he played that move. If you do this while talking he will not notice, and his unconscious will tell him : "Hey! she is like you, give her attention "

Do not use this technique for very long periods and try to be sneaky. If you use this method properly, you will see a positive change in his attitude and he will become more interested to talk to you and be in a relationship with you.

Mystery is your best ally

At the beginning, do not expose much about yourself. Men always find mystery as fascinating in a woman, as it allows them to imagine a thousand things. Curiosity triggers the interest of a man. In other words, don’t open yourself too much in the beginning. Imagination is the most powerful weapon in the game of seduction with which you can get any guy interested in you without even talking. Let your imagination run wild and you will easily seduce him even without touching.

Use these tips to get a man to notice you and he will certainly leave thinking about you and hoping to see you again. If you want a detailed coaching then try Capture A Man's Heart, a product that has put together everything from male psychology to attraction to make him love you forever.

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