10 Things Women Notice in a Man

April 25, 2017

Find the ten first things women notice in a man to which they are attracted. This will also help you understand what women like when they first see a guy.

Women and men notice different things when they meet someone of the opposite sex. Perhaps the "popular knowledge" has given you an idea of the first things a woman notices in a man, but that does not match reality. A guy’s very first impression is very important and it here whether the girl might decide to date you or to friend zone you. Yes, for women the first things she notices about you are what makes her decision about you. Here is a list of the ten first things women notice in a man and which decides whether she sees you as a boyfriend material or not. Note these things and start working on it to always create a good first impression and attract any girl you want.

Your confidence level

The fact that women only look at dumb guys is not true. Look at those badass and you'll realize they ooze confidence and that's very attractive to women. Women always say that a desirable male should with good qualities. This means that you should be confident enough to talk to her, but don’t be cocky. Confidence attracts both women and men. This is among the first things women notice in a man which makes her impressed by you. Flirting a bit might also help as it will also make her feel nice about herself. However, while flirting never use dirty lines, instead use sweet compliments.

Body language

Related to the previous point, body language says much more than words. Whether you are confident or not is easily displayed with your body language. He may be short and ugly, but walk like he owns the place he is in. The way you use your physical characteristics talks about how you leverage your own resources. It shows in the way of walking, standing, and relating to other people. Talking while making eye contact, smiling, standing straight, keeping your body language open, etc. are some of the ways to impress a girl when you first meet.

Manners of a guy

Even the most attractive of men lose all charm if they have bad manners. Whether you stick your fingers in your nose, chew with your mouth open (or talk with your mouth full), belch, interrupt a conversation, say something out of place, mistreat some employee, etc. It is not something that appeals to many. Such guys look uneducated and arrogant and are not an attractive man type for women. While good manners are not enough for attraction, but they play a major role later for her to decide how you will treat her.


Beauty wilts, but the intellect lasts if it is cultivated. Intelligence may not be attractive to some women who are easily impressed by a man’s confidence or looks. It will be noticed by women looking for someone who has their strengths in something other than their appearance. Intelligence is one of the very first things some women notice in a guy. So, play the safe side and be smart while talking to a girl.

Sense of humor

One of the points most women point out about a desirable man is to make them laugh. This not only refers to a male's ability to be funny but to have a similar mood, which is equivalent to a greater possibility of compatibility. Even more so if they share jokes that only a small group would understand. The ability to make a woman laugh the very first time you meet can create a great impression on her. This is definitely one of the things women notice in a guy as they want their partners to be fun spending time with. They don’t want a guy that makes their life dull and serious.

Your smile

The smile in the first moments of the conversation sends a welcome message, subtle and not threatening. It is one of the weapons a conman uses on its prey to come on their positive side. While you are talking with a woman your smile indicates that you are nice. She will create a positive image of yourself in her brain. However, when it comes to attraction it loses all its appeal if the teeth of the man in question are damaged, or if he has bad breath. So, brush your teeth to make your smile look good and everyone notices a smiling person.

Eyes and Hair

Some women look for beautiful eyes to transmit something special. They may not look so much at the rest of the physical but look for a more spiritual, romantic, or fantastic connection. Wigs and hairpieces are considered, by women as fake. Healthy and well-maintained hair indicate good health, good economic passing, and respect for oneself. In addition, hair and eyes report if the person is in good health and has attractive genetics.

Women notice your shoes

As was said in the previous point, clothing can be borrowed, but the footwear is more difficult to get. A man with a good pair of shoes, or a pair of regular but well-kept shoes, says a lot about himself (economic level, care in appearance, good investments, etc.). Also, in research, it was shown that before even talking to each other, the very first thing women notice in a guy is his shoes. So, use clean and tidy shoes because it speaks a lot about yourself.


The smell is one of the senses that develop first in mammals, a species to which the whole of humanity belongs. A man may look attractive from a distance, but if he comes with a tuft worthy of the sewers of Paris, he will make the women run. Hygiene is among the very first things women notice in a man and if it is bad then this may be a complete turn off for her.

Neglect in body hygiene speaks of slackness, laziness, or ignorance of basic points of human society. It is not just soap, deodorant, and perfume or cologne, but how you take care of your hair, whether you have a beard and mustache (if you have them), the state of your breath and teeth, if your clothes are washed and ironed, etc. This point will never be overemphasized.

So, now you know what women notice when they first see you. Use it for your benefit to not only create a good impression but also attract any girl you like.

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